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Become a Frankfurt Nanny, Manny or Granny!

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Your typical duties as a Nanny

A nanny's role encompasses a range of enjoyable tasks:


- Stimulating the child's physical, intellectual, and social development.

- Ensuring the child's safety and well-being.

- Reading and singing to the child.

- Encouraging writing and reading skills.

- Organizing creative play activities, educational outings, and social events.

- Assisting with nutritious meal preparation.

- Transporting the child to and from daycare/school and other activities.

- Maintaining cleanliness in the child's room and home.

- Keeping a record of the child's activities.

- Maintaining open communication with parents regarding the child's welfare.


If you are a bilingual nanny, parents often appreciate your assistance in teaching the child a foreign language or improving their English skills. While general domestic duties are not typically expected, you may be responsible for light household tasks related to the child's care.


Join us as a nanny and embark on a rewarding journey of fostering children's growth, making a positive impact, and creating lasting memories.

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